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We are the most trusted manufacturers of mobile chillers and freezers in South Africa because we pride ourselves on giving customers international quality. It is important to note that the extensive and rich knowledge of our team also helps us to understand and meet clients’ requirements within short lead times. Our well-versed team also assist in developing designs as per client’s specifications as well as introduce new design features and structural changes so as to offer better comfort levels to our customers.

Mobile Chillers And Freezers Manufacturers Durban SA

Mobile Chillers Manufacturer South Africa

We have been leading the Portable fridges production industry for more than 30 years. Our mobile chillers for sale are uniquely designed to meet customers need and all our prices are affordable to buy a brand-new chiller. Our mobile chillers are manufactured by the specialist who knows what client is looking for and we also provide custom design for our customers. We manufacture both small and larger units at a reasonable price in Durban. We use only advanced machinery, latest technologies to advance our production and to match with latest standards. Our technicians are well trained to use the equipment’s we have to produce unique design and high-quality products that will meet customer’s needs. All our mobile chillers for sale comes with lock book and are authorised for South African Roadworthy.

Mobile Freezer Manufacturers of South Africa

Chillers / Freezers come in single and double axle. Mobile chillers is a mobile refrigeration chiller which provide maximum refrigeration while you traveling. Our chillers /freezers are extremely popular nowadays as they are great for festivals, events, weddings, functions, restaurants, markets and construction sites.

Mobile Chillers Manufacturer In Durban

You can use these freezers to start your own business because it has wheels so you can take it anywhere you want and your items will never perish or go sail. 0 degrees Fahrenheit or lower is the recommended freezer temperature. At this temperature, bacterial growth will be stopped. However, freezing does not kill most bacteria, nor does it stop flavor changes that occur over time. Though food will be safe indefinitely at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Cheap Mobile chillers for sale to South Africa and Africa direct from the manufacturer. We are the leading suppliers of mobile chillers in this industry. These chillers were made with only the finest materials that money can buy while being built by only the most experienced people to date. A chiller is a device similar to a refrigerator that maintains a temperature below the freezing point of water. Chillers are useful if you want to keep things cool over a long period of time.

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